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Aussie telcos stung after report shows excessive wait times

Australians are being forced to call their telecommunications provider more than twice to resolve simple issues.

A report has found it’s often faster for people to go instore to have their problems heard rather than over the phone.

Australians wait an average of 13 days for an issue with a telco to be resolved.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network CEO Teresa Corbin says it’s a frustrating experience for customers.

“If you’ve got a harder issue to resolve, it can take as much as two months.”

She tells Ben Fordham some people are repeating their story “up to five times”.

“It seems to be [the telcos] are not keeping a good record.

“People are being transferred to multiple people and they’re waiting an hour on hold.”

Ms Corbin suggests escalating the issue to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

“Even if you mention sometimes that you’re planning to go to the ombudsman, sometimes it means you get a quicker resolution.”

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