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Aussie supermarkets failing in fight against obesity

A new report has suggested supermarkets remove cheap, sugary treats from checkouts to prevent impulse buying.

It’s one of a number of changes proposed by the Global Obesity Centre to combat the obesity crisis.

Dr Adrian Cameron from Deakin University tells Ben Fordham our supermarkets could be doing a lot more.

“No-one made it above 50 and 50 out of 100 would be a pass mark.

“Coles and Woolies scored a bit higher and that’s largely because they both agreed to put the health star rating on their home brand foods.”

Dr Cameron says the wholesale promotion of unhealthy foods is a problem, but the tide is turning.

“Supermarkets are realising that people actually want an environment that doesn’t encourage unhealthy food.

“There’s almost a marketing race for healthy food.”

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