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Aussie couples ditch the 7-year itch

Whilst the pandemic lockdown has caused stress in many areas of our life, Australian divorce rates may be weathering the storm.

Recent Google search data revealed a massive surge in the term ‘divorce’ during June this year, however, relationship experts say Australian marriages appear stronger than ever.

Anne Hollonds, Director of the Australian Institute of Family Studies told George Moore since the year 2000 the divorce rate has either been steady or declining.

“Over the last decade, the length of marriage has increased before divorce.

“So, for those who get divorced … they’re now staying together longer.”

Ms Hollands believes it’s a sign we’re trying harder at relationships, making better choices at the beginning, and getting married later.

Adding, the traditional 7-year-itch has become more of a “10 to 12-year” itch.

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