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Attorney-General wants appeal against ‘completely inadequate’ murder sentence


The Attorney General is asking the DPP to consider an appeal against the jail sentence given to a man who beat his ex-girlfriend to death.

37-year-old Khanh Thanh Ly killed his former girlfriend in April 2016 by repeatedly smashing her head onto the pavement in Sydney’s west, before dumping her body in the Parramatta River.

Acting Justice Jane Mathews jailed Ly for just 13 years saying, “I have rarely come across a case in which the offender is as remorseful and devastated by his own actions as this one.”

The acting judge even admitted to the victim’s family that the sentence could be considered lenient.

“You will no doubt think the sentence I am about to impose is completely inadequate, given the extent of your loss.”

Ray Hadley has slammed the sentencing.

“To say that I’m gobsmacked would be, perhaps, understating it.

“He murdered an innocent woman, you foolish woman!

“Justice Jane Mathews, hang your head in shame.”

In an exclusive statement to Ray, Attorney General Mark Speakman says he wants the sentence examined:

“I have reviewed the judgment and I am concerned about the decision.

“Domestic violence is abhorrent. I have asked the Director of Public Prosecutions to consider if an appeal is appropriate.”

“Well I would think so,” says Ray.

“Here’s a bloke, caught stone cold killing a young woman for no apparent reason, getting a minimum of 13 years because she thinks he’s not a bad bloke.”

Listen to Ray’s comments on the sentencing below