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Attorney-General has ‘serious concern’ over Judge’s praise of Supermax prisoner


The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) is considering an appeal after one of the state’s most dangerous criminals got away with bashing a prison guard.

Murderer and Brothers 4 Life founder Bassam Hamzy initially had his sentence extended by 20 months for attacking a corrections officer inside Goulburn’s Supermax jail, Australia’s highest security prison.

But Acting Judge Geoffrey Graham said the sentence was “unjust” as Hamzy has already been punished enough by having his prison privileges restricted.

Ray Hadley revealed that just days after the decision, two other Supermax prison guards were allegedly attacked by inmates, with one needing to be hospitalised.

Convicted terrorist Tamim Khaja and extremist Milad Bin Ahmad-Shah Al-Ahmadzai have been moved into segregation after the alleged attack.

Now, NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman has expressed “serious concern” at the decision to quash Bassam Hamzy’s added sentence and its “implications for prison discipline” (full statement below).

In a statement to The Ray Hadley Morning Show, Mr Speakman says the DPP “is considering whether an appeal in this matter would have reasonable prospects for success”.

In announcing his decision, Acting Judge Geoffrey Graham even praised Bassam Hamzy for his efforts in representing himself in court.

ACTING JUDGE GRAHAM: “Thank you for your assistance, Mr Hamzy, during the case. I’ve noted in one of the reports that you spent a lot of time on legal matters. I think that’s fairly obvious from the material that you’ve been able to put before the Court.”

HAMZY: “Yes, thank you very much, your Honour.”

Ray Hadley has slammed his honour, saying “it’s the most bizarre decision I could ever imagine”.

“This is an embarrassment to every judicial officer… anywhere in Australia.

“That’s proof positive the joint has gone mad. When we’ve got a District Court Judge praising Bassam Hamzy in open court.”

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Full statement from NSW Attorney-General Mark Speakman

“I have read the transcript of the District Court judgment with serious concern about the implications for prison discipline.

I am informed that the Director of Public Prosecutions is considering whether an appeal in this matter would have reasonable prospects for success.

This individual is one of the most despicable offenders to come before a NSW court, a point amply illustrated by the severe sentences imposed upon him for heinous crimes including murder. He is an inmate of Goulburn Supermax, the most secure jail in Australia.

The work performed there and elsewhere by our Corrective Services Officers is difficult, demanding and at times dangerous. They are worthy of the respect of the community and the protection of the law.”

The inmates have been placed in segregation pending further investigations by NSW Police and CSNSW.

Image: NSW Police