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ATO denies ‘unethical tactics’ allegations but calls continue for independent review

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has denied allegation its using unethical tactics and deliberately targeting small businesses.

Two ATO whistleblowers have reported a toxic workplace culture which knowingly targeted vulnerable individuals and small businesses to meet financial goals.

Amidst these allegations, there are reports material mistakes are rife within the ATO with errors reportedly being made in around 5% of cases.

Bob Deutsch from the Tax Institute joins Ross Greenwood.

“There are certainly mistakes made… there are many cases where they are not fixed quickly enough,” he says.

“It does take too long, it needs to happen more quickly and it needs to happen more efficiently.”

Mr Deutsch says the complexity of tax law in Australia doesn’t help the ordinary Australian.

“For a small taxpayer these days I’d have to say that it’s probably not a fair right.

“We’re calling for an independent review mechanism… particularly in the context of situations where there is clear evidence of poor administration by the tax office.”

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