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‘Astonishingly unlawful’: CFMMEU in the firing line of union-busting bill

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The Industrial Relations Minister has slammed the construction union as the government looks to reintroduce its union-busting bill. 

The bill would prevent big union mergers and allow the federal court to deregister a union that breaks the law and ban officials like CFMMEU boss John Setka for misconduct.

The CFMMEU is notorious for breaking the law with a total of about $16 million worth of fines historically and 70 union officials currently before the courts over 750 suspected offences.

Industrial Relations Minister Christian Porter tells John Stanley the behaviour of the CFMMEU is unacceptable.

“The history of that union is just astonishingly unlawful.

“Overwhelming, unions do the right thing but there are some rogue elements of some unions which, particularly in sensitive industries such as construction, behave in a way that is unlawful, disruptive and ultimately massively disadvantages the taxpayer.

“We wouldn’t accept those standards in corporate Australia, why should we be accepting them for registered organisations and unions?”

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