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Ask Gran Not Google: Students being urged to ditch their phones for advice

Students across the country are being urged to skip the internet for answers and talk to older Australians instead.

The Ask Gran Not Google program works to encourage young Australians to put down their smartphones and to seek wisdom from elders instead.

25,000 students are taking part in meetings between young at old at 151 schools across the country.

Fero Care Project Manager Shelly Fletcher tells Deborah Knight how the unique scheme came about.

“The idea originated because I realised how much I was relying on Google rather than reaching out to my grandparents.

“So I banned google in my family for a month and we really enjoyed the experience.”

Ms Fletcher says there’s “such a range of questions” being asked.

“Questions about life or science or maths.

“There always tends to be lots of questions about love, what is love, dating advice.

“Across generations, the battle of love is still real.”

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Deborah Knight