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‘Ask for Angela’: New campaign to protect women at bars

Mark Levy

NSW Police has launched a new campaign to prevent sexual assaults before they occur and it involves those in trouble asking for a lady at the bar.

The campaign urges women feeling scared or uncomfortable to approach staff and ‘ask for Angela’, hinting they need assistance.

The program has stemmed from increasing rates of sexual violence and the prevalence of online dating services.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Walton tells Mark Levy around 50% of sexual assaults occur during the first meeting between the victim and the perpetrator.

He says this protocol will help potential victims escape an attack.

“Staff will make sure they’re moved from the presence of that intimidation, threat, discomfort.

“They can be taken to a room or just simply organise some transport or a friend to make sure they disengage from that contact with a potential perpetrator.”

Assistant Commissioner Walton is hopeful “ask for Angela” will also make offenders think twice.

“If they know there’s a structure and a way for someone they’re targetting to get assistance, I genuinely believe it’s less likely to occur. It’s influencing their behaviour as well.”

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