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Asbestos infested preschool in Blue Mountains closes immediately after Safe Work inspection

2GB’s Ray Hadley has accused Blue Mountains City Council of putting the lives of children at risk by allowing them to be exposed to asbestos after inspections conducted by Safe Work NSW.

Two Safe Work inspectors immediately shut down the preschool yesterday after conducting an inspection of the premises.

Hadley spoke with NSW Minister for Innovation and Better Regulation, Matt Kean.

“Council need to step up and protect the community and its workers. They’ve been mucking around with this stuff for too long and it’s time they took their obligation to asbestos seriously.”

After Hadley’s call yesterday for the school to be closed,  one listener called his statements “unduly alarmist”.

“I don’t do things unthinkingly or unknowingly. I do them when the lives of children are at risk, not immediate a risk, but at risk in decades to come,” says Hadley.

Listen to the full interview with Matt Kean below