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Andrew Constance: The Prime Minister got what he deserved from ‘angry’ Cobargo

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance says the Prime Minister got what he deserved from angry locals in bushfire-devastated Cobargo.

While visiting the village in south-east NSW, Scott Morrison was filmed walking away from upset residents who demanded he do more for those affected by the bushfires.

Local MP Andrew Constance told Sunrise he had little sympathy for the Prime Minister and the locals “gave him the welcome that he probably deserved”.

Mr Constance tells John Stanley he stands by what he said on Sunrise.

“The point I make… I didn’t even get a call to say he was in my patch, so I’m pretty annoyed.

“One of my neighbours lost their place… that poor bugger yesterday tried to ring Centrelink and get some money in his pocket and he couldn’t.

“Keep the politics to one side, emotions are raw and I know the people of Cobargo, they’re a humble community… they’re devastated. There is a message in this and I am angry and raw and emotional.

“People are bloody scared and we’ve still got a long way to go.”

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But Jim Molan was with the Prime Minister during the incident and insists other residents of Cobargo were embarrassed by the heckling.

“They came up to us time and time again and said ‘we apologise, tell the PM we’re sorry, they do not represent the people of Cobargo.’”.

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Image: Sydney Morning Herald/Kate Geraghty