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Andrew Bolt slams ABC for ‘old victim story’ on Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day, and the ABC has stripped male presenters off-air for an all-female lineup.

Andrew Bolt goes in hard on the national broadcaster, saying the decision is “pathetic”.

“They’ve booted off the male presenters and replaced them all with women,” he tells Chris Smith.

“I was listening to one this morning, she was really struggling, so all it really did, this tokenism, was to remind you that some of those women shouldn’t be there.

“That the men clearly are better than them.”

He says the organisation is led by a woman, more than half the positions on the board are filled by women and that most of the staff are women.

“Why then, on the one day… [do] all the men on the air need to get kicked off?

“They’ve already got more than equality. It clearly isn’t enough.

“It’s just preaching again, this tired old victim story.”

Listen to the full interview below