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Andrew Bolt says we saw an ‘amazing breakthrough’ at COAG

Michael McLaren
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Migration issues dominated Wednesday’s COAG talks in Adelaide.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison met with state and territory leaders to discuss population policy.

Instead of cutting the nation’s migration intake, they’ve agreed to work together to establish a framework, to better manage the distribution of new migrants.

The plan will also consider whether greater infrastructure investment is needed in high growth areas.

The agreement has Michael McLaren asking, “What do they actually achieve there?”

“Because… they basically agreed to talk.”

But Andrew Bolt says Michael is being “cynical” and there’s obviously been an “amazing breakthrough”.

“They agreed to plan to have a plan and I think this is the sort of progress that makes you proud to have a government that’s looking after you.

“If there’s one thing we need in this country, it’s a plan to have a plan about an issue that the public has been screaming about for many, many years.

“This is the smoothness of a government that’s really in top gear.”

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Michael McLaren