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Andrew Bolt on what we ‘can’t allow’ to happen to Anzac Day

Andrew Bolt says he can see increased attempts to bring race politics into Anzac Day.

He tells Chris Smith we can’t let it happen.

“Also, which struck me this year for the first time, the increasing attempts to bring the same sort of race politics to bear on Anzac day with separate marches for Aborigines or separate ceremonies for Aborigines.

“We can’t allow that to happen.

“Everyone, Aboriginies included, knew only one colour in the army and that was green. Khaki green.

“We can’t now split up.”

Andrew says it’s evident how much Anzac Day still means to Australians.

“It is, for many people, a scared event.

“Anzac Day probably is the last national day where we actually devote a little bit of time to thinking about what’s great about this country.”

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