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‘An absolute abomination!’: Ray Hadley furious at injustice for unborn babies

Ray Hadley is calling out the government for failing to act on Zoe’s Law as a man stands trial over a horror crash in 2018.

Zoe’s Law is designed to recognise the life of an unborn child killed or harmed in a criminal act.

Ray has repeatedly campaigned for changes to the law because, as it stands, the death of an unborn baby is listed in with the mother’s injuries.

The driver allegedly responsible for the death of two women and unborn twins in a horrific car crash in 2018, will be sentenced later this year.

“The [unborn babies] are not recognised at law and that’s an absolute abomination,” Ray Hadley declared.

“Full-term twins, but not delivered, don’t exist at law because of the inadequacies of the Berejiklian government!

“I’ve spoken to the Premier and Mark Speakman and all I get is excuses!”

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