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AMA boss wants My Health privacy concerns addressed immediately

Doctors are prepared to demand changes to digital health laws to ensure a patient’s medical records are protected.

Australians have been given three months to opt out the government’s My Health Record system, a database which holds a digital version of our medical records.

Question marks over site’s security have caused thousands of people to remove their details from the online portal already.

Concerns have also been raised over how personal information is handled as the parliamentary library suggests records could be handed to police without a warrant.

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt is assuring the public this isn’t the case.

But Australian Medical Association (AMA) President Tony Bartone is seeking an urgent meeting with the minister for clarification.

“The privacy and security of our patients’ medical records is of the highest importance,” Dr Bartone tells Ben Fordham.

“Anything which comes in between that ability to maintain that confidence is a problem for us.”

Mr Bartone says any ambiguity as to what can and can’t be accessed needs to be “cleared up once and for all”.

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