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All-Stars: ‘We’re allowing scumbags into this country, it’s got to stop’

Smithy’s All-Star Prue MacSween is joining calls to reform our citizenship laws after a convicted Pakistani rapist was released on parole yesterday.

Tegan Wagner was 14 when she was brutally raped by three Pakistani brothers in 2002.

The brothers had immigrated to Sydney two years earlier and carried out a series of violent assaults on at least six girls.

Tegan has launched a petition to get foreign rapists and offenders kicked out of the country, telling Chris Smith she believes immigrants should be subject to a five year probation period before gaining citizenship.

Prue is applauding Tegan’s bravery and backing her push to reform our laws.

“What we need to do is have a look of this whole policy of citizenship.

“They have denied themselves the right and the privilege to live in this country, and as citizens or not they should be kicked out.”

Prue says there should be stricter processes in place.

“We need to have more scrutiny, we need to actually also police who is providing visas.

“We’re allowing scumbags into this country, it’s got to stop.”

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