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Rape victim ‘nervous’ about attacker’s release, launches petition to kick him out of Australia

As convicted rapist “MMK” walks free from prison, one of his victims is gathering support for a petition to send him back to his home country. 

Tegan Wagner was 14-years-old when she was trapped in a house and sexually assaulted by three Pakistani brothers in 2002.

The brothers had immigrated to Sydney two years earlier and were responsible for a series of violent sexual attacks on at least six girls.

One of the brothers known as MMK, was released on parole yesterday.

Tegan, now 30, tells Chris Smith she wasn’t told he was being let out.

“I got told last week… I was quite shocked that no one had informed me. I was also shocked that I wasn’t going to get any type of protection.”

Tegan says she is really nervous and feels like she has to constantly look over her shoulder.

She believes she wasn’t told of his release because MMK was found not guilty of her rape.

“This particular offender was found not guilty in my case, and he was definitely guilty. He was certainly one of my rapists.”

Shocked, nervous and angry, Tegan has started a petition to get foreign rapists deported.

He and his brothers were granted citizenship before they even set foot on Australian soil because their father was granted it.

“We just handed out citizenship like we were just giving them a box of cornflakes.”

Tegan wants a probation program brought in of between five and seven for any immigrants granted citizenship in Australia.

“It needs to change, they shouldn’t be here,” Tegan says.

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