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All Australians urged to ‘just stop for a minute’ this Sunday

The country will pause for a minute’s silence on Sunday morning, to mark 100 years since the end of World War I.

At 11am on November 11, 1918 the guns fell silent on the Western Front after four years of continuous warfare.

417,000 Australians signed up to fight. 60,000 of them were killed and another 156,000 were wounded, gassed or taken prisoner.

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra will host our national service with tickets now booked out.

The memorial’s director, Doctor Brendan Nelson, tells Alan Jones their sacrifices are “beyond our modern comprehension”.

“There is no event that wounded, divided, scarred and ultimately shaped and defined us than that of the first World War.

“I know we’re all busy but on Sunday, if you can’t get to a commemorative service, just set your alarm to go off a few minutes before 11 o’clock.

“And just stop, just for a minute, and reflect on the sacrifices made for us and the freedoms we enjoy as a result of it.”

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We’re also being asked to remember the veterans who are still with us.

Today, veterans charity Soldier On is holding Stronger Together Day, reminding our retired soldiers they’re not alone.

They’re attempting to break the World Record for most arm wrestles in a day and aiming to raise $1 million.

CEO Mat Jones spent 13 years in the army, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He tells Alan Jones he had a “wonderful career” but says many others aren’t as fortunate.

“The reason why I joined Soldier On is because, unfortunately, a lot of my mates and colleague weren’t as lucky as I was.

“A lot of men and women today, all around Australia, are really suffering as a result of their service.”

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You can get involved with the World Record attempt…

Simply take a photo of you having an arm wrestle and upload it HERE.

You can donate to Soldier On HERE, with every dollar donated today doubled by corporate partners.

John Howard is a Soldier On ambassador and recorded a message for today’s events