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Alinta Energy ups push to buy Liddell station

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Alinta Energy’s CEO says it will continue its push to buy AGL’s Liddell coal-fired power station.

The plant is set to close in 2022, and if the energy isn’t replaced up to 200,000 homes across New South Wales could face blackouts.

CEO Jeff Dimery tells Ross Greenwood their stakeholders are supporting the bid.

“They want long-term energy supply, they want security of price and they see this as a means to achieve that and we’re happy to oblige.

“We firmly believe we can make a commercial return out of extending its life.”

Mr Emery says although Alinta is moving down a low emission technology based path, coal-fired power is still crucial.

“Right now on the east coast of Australia we still rely on somewhere between 60-70% of all of our power coming from coal-fired power stations.

“These assets are absolutely necessary to keep the lights on… and to make energy affordable.”

Mr Dimery tells Ross he received a call from Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg about Liddell but no financial support was ever offered.

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