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‘Alarming’ survey results show Australians are suffering from a ‘loneliness crisis’

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Can you name your neighbours?

Experts say Australians are suffering from a ‘loneliness crisis’ after a survey shows we’re less likely to drop-in on friends unannounced and the average number of close friends people have is dropping.

The results also show we have less contact with our neighbours than a decade ago.

Relationships Australia’s Alison Brooke tells Deborah Knight social media is playing a large role.

“We know people can have 300 friends on Facebook and if you’re home alone on a Saturday night and you’re looking through your feed and everyone’s having a party out there, there is nothing more isolating.

“It doesn’t encourage you to keep stepping into those really meaningful relationships that actually are the ones that sustain us and nurture us and see us through difficult times.”

She says it’s “alarming” 15% of men and 8% of women say they have no close relationships outside of their intimate relationship.

The survey also shows 18% of Australians feel they can’t reach out to neighbours in a time of crisis.

“Neighbours are just so important for our good mental health and when things are a bit tough it’s good to be recognised, to know who you can turn to for something if the chips are down.”

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