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Alan Jones slams QLD government for paying to bring Al Gore to Australia

Alan Jones has blasted the Queensland government for helping to fund a conference where Al Gore will lecture Australians about climate change.

Taxpayers will fork out more than $320,000 for the Climate Week conference, where form US vice president Al Gore will “communicate the urgency of the climate crisis”.

“It is not believable,” says Alan, “that the Queensland government can be so awash with money as to bring this hypocrite Al Gore to Australia for a conference.

“When so many important instruments of government are underfunded, when farmers can’t feed their cattle in Queensland, and $320,000 goes to waste on this shonk.”

Australian businessman and former head of Western Mining, Trevor St Baker, says the government should have funded an opposing lecture at the conference to challenge Al Gore.

“The reality is that there’s nothing political about energy.

“People talk about renewables and they talk about greenhouse abatement, but the rest of the world is not using sun and wind to do that. It has baseload hydro, it has nuclear.

“We don’t have either of these things. We have expensive gas.”

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