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Alan Jones slams Agriculture Minister’s unaffordable drought plan

Alan Jones has slammed the federal Agriculture Minister’s drought plan, saying it’s completely unaffordable for farmers.

The government says farmers will be able to access up to $2 million in concessional loans, with a two-year interest-free period.

Deputy Nationals leader Bridget McKenzie tells Alan Jones drought-ravaged farmers in NSW and Queensland should use the money to send stock to Victoria and South Australia until the drought breaks.

“We’ve put over a billion dollars on the table since the election,” says Senator McKenzie.

“Some of that money can be used by farmers to not just put fodder out but to put them in a truck and send them, not to the sale yard, but south where there is grass. Agist them there until the drought breaks.”

Alan Jones says the plan is ridiculous, explaining just how much it would cost.

“Do you know how much agistment costs?

“I don’t mean to be unkind… but they don’t have the money!”

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