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‘Aggressive’: Kochie says Pauline Hanson needs to stop creating conflict

Sunrise host David ‘Kochie’ Koch has reflected on last week’s tense interview with Pauline Hanson.

The One Nation leader quit her weekly spot on Sunrise after a heated exchange with Kochie last Friday.

He said the Christchurch terrorist’s manifesto read like One Nation’s immigration policy and asked her if she felt complicit.

Kochie tells Chris Smith he might’ve taken things a bit too far.

“I probably got a bit too passionate after she sort of challenged me that I didn’t talk to people in the Western suburbs or talk to anyone who’s Muslim.”

But he says he doesn’t regret telling her that her opinions could be harmful.

“Don’t stop expressing them, but don’t be as aggressive because words fuel this sort of conflict in our community.”

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