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ACCC urging car owners to contact manufacturers amid compulsory recall

The Federal government has announced it will recall 2.3 million cars fitted with defective Takata airbags.

One Australian died from the faulty airbags after it deployed while another has been severely injured.

A further 23 people have died worldwide.

The faulty Takata airbags are at risk of exploding when deployed.

Ben Fordham has slammed the ACCC’s efforts, labelling them as “slack”.

“If there’s packets of frozen berries contain a dodgy bug, we get them all off the shelves and make sure nobody is in danger.

“But when we’ve got killer airbags, we send people an email.”

Ben speaks with Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar.

“The airbags have been subject to a voluntary recall, and the ACCC was watching very closely to see how they were conducting that.

“In the end, I took the decision that I didn’t think they were doing it with the urgency that I wanted, which has really lead to this pretty precedented and the largest compulsory recall in our country’s history.”

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The ACCC currently lists the makes and models cars with the deadly airbags, but cannot obtain a full list of manufacturers and models until April.

People are urged to contact their manufacturer if they believe their car is at risk.

Find the current list here.