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A unique way to say “I Love You” this Valentine’s Day

Nothing says “I Love You” more than a box of chocolates, wine and jewellery, right?

But what about showing your love by helping to keep your significant other’s heart healthy?

That’s what the Heart Foundation is encouraging us to do this Valentine’s Day.

They’ve got a special range of animated e-cards that you can send to someone, and the proceeds will go towards research into Heart Disease.

CEO of the Heart Foundation Group, Adjunct Professor John Kelly, tells John and Erin they’ve been thinking about how they could incorporate Valentine’s Day for a number of years.

He says the campaign’s about looking after our loved one’s heart, both emotionally, and physically.

Heart disease is the biggest killer in Australia.

1 person dies every 12 minutes.

The Heart Foundation is constantly in need of funding to continue their vital research into prevention and treatment, and the organisation hopes to raise a significant amount through their Valentine’s Day campaign.

And you can buy these cards by clicking here.