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‘A nationwide Ponzi scheme’: Population set to hit 25 million tonight

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With the population mark set to crash through the 25 million barrier tonight, many are calling for Canberra to deliver some real action on population policy.

But it seems this is falling on deaf ears.

Despite Australia reaching the 25 million mark some 33 years ahead of schedule, neither of the major parties have instigated any meaningful attempts to curtail the unsustainable immigration rate.

Considering that at our current trajectory, the population is set to tip over to 38 million by 2050, this seems a real cause for concern.

“We’re growing faster then the Australian people want,” says Bob Carr, Former NSW Premier, who famously declared that Sydney was full prior to the 2000 Olympics.

“The thing that upsets people, whether they’re British voters forced to express concern in Brexit or US voters who elected Trump, whose campaign mobilised support through the sense that immigration had gone too far too fast, is the notion that it is out of control.”

“We’ve got to take account of the economic and planning arguments against Australia running what is the highest rate of immigration of any developed country in the world, in proportion to our existing population.”

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