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‘A lot of this has been inspired by Australia’, Europe taking note of Australian border policy

Gone are the days when Europeans would lecture Australians on border control, as they desperately try and reestablish order.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has stressed the importance of better protecting Europe’s border, saying “we want to order, control and limit migration to Germany”.

This comes three years after she opened German borders to thousands of migrants, which Chris Kenny says led to “a horrible mess”.

She has now agreed to build border camps for asylum seekers and tighten her border with Austria.

Chris says Europe is looking to Australia to see “what needs to be done”.

“They seem to realise what Australia has demonstrated, that without tough action and strong resolve, your borders are meaningless and you lose your sovereignty. ”

Former Australian Ambassador to Isreal Dave Sharma says by opening the borders, she “set off a flood”.

“Angela Merkel in large part created this problem for Europe when she basically declared the borders open in 2015.

“Today will signal the reverse, that they’re going to accept anyone, that they’re going to control who enters their country.

“I think a lot of this has been inspired by Australia.”

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