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‘A little bit ethereal’: Artist revives teenage nostalgia with reimagining of 80s hits

Australian actress, singer and song-writer Danielle Spencer is reviving the hits of the 80s with her own unique twist.

Lost Luggage, a collaboration between Danielle Spencer and Vince Pizzinga, features covers of eight iconic songs.

Ms Spencer told Deborah Knight the duo handpicked each track based on their personal significance, with artists like Annie Lennox and Kate Bush being especially influential in her life.

“The songs were from the period where we were growing up, … teenage years, so they’re very nostalgic for us.

“What we wanted to do is reimagine them, in a way.

“They’re not automatically recognisable: maybe when you get to the chorus you go ‘oh yeah, I know that song!’

“They’re slightly atmospheric, a little bit ethereal: a different take on them.”

She confessed she found it “slightly intimidating” to reinvent some of the era’s most beloved anthems.

“Songs like Running Up That Hill [are] so loved … and adored and respected.

“I’m ready for people not to like it, and to like the original better!”

Deborah allayed her fears.

“You’ve done it justice beautifully!”

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