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A House Husbands’ Guide with Aaron Harvie

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It’s easy for men to feel a little removed and out of sorts at the start of their partner’s pregnancy.

While mothers begin to go through this incredible physical metamorphosis nurturing an unborn child – things for their male counterpart remain relatively unchanged. One way for expectant father’s to get more involved and make a major contribution to their partner’s pregnancy and the development of their child is through food.

Regardless of whether you’re expecting your first (and possibly last) bundle of joy,   A House Husbands’ Guide is a cookbook for fathers-to-be who want to get into the kitchen and become more involved in their partner’s pregnancy. It’s easy to understand, even easier to cook and packed full of pregnancy friendly recipes that taste so great you’ll hardly notice they’re good for you!

Aaron Harvie is a part time writer and full time stay at home dad and spoke to Kayley Harris about his book A House Husbands’ Guide.

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