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‘A disastrous reign’: Calls for Raelene Castle to resign after Folau saga

Deborah Knight

There are calls for Raelene Castle to step down as Rugby Australia boss after defending the decision to reach a settlement with Israel Folau over his sacking.

Folau was seeking $14 million in compensation, claiming he was wrongfully dismissed by Rugby Australia after he posted on Instagram that “homosexuals” are going to “hell”.

Rugby Australia has apologised to Folau despite initially refusing to do so.

Rita Panahi tells Deborah Knight Raelene Castle should not last in her role much longer.

“She should be gone by Christmas if she’s got any sense, or any feeling for the game, because she’s done so much damage in her time there. It has really been a disastrous reign.

“This entire episode has been destructive, it’s been costly.

“They need someone in there who knows what they’re doing.”

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