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‘A completely different kettle of fish’: Steve Price and Rita Panahi tackle US gun law debate

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The debate around changing gun laws in the US have intensified after another massacre left 20 people dead.

The attack at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas is being treated as a case of domestic terrorism, with police prosecutors saying they will seek the death penalty for the shooter.

Nine people were killed in a second shooting in Ohio just hours later.

Steve Price acknowledges the difficulty in overturning America’s Second Amendment, enshrined in their constitution.

“The ingrained access to weapons in some of those middle American states, that is like almost taking their voting rights off them so to change that is difficult.”

Rita Panahi agrees, saying America cannot simply follow Australia’s lead and change the laws.

After a mass shooting in 1996, Australia changed the gun laws and led a national gun-buyback program, seizing over 650,000 firearms.

But Rita says it would not be that simple in the United States.

“It’s easy for us here in Australia to look at the US and go ‘it’s madness why don’t you just change the laws!’

“Well because it’s not that easy… It’s a completely different kettle of fish over there.

“In the US they’ve got already more than 300 million guns so a buyback, or amnesty, it’s on a completely different scale.”

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There are some calls for Australia to tighten its own gun laws after the massacres.

Shooters, Farmers & Fishers MP Robert Borsak tells Ben Fordham the shootings should not cause any panic in Australia.

“It’s happening in the United States which is a completely different society, completely different set of laws, it’s really totally inappropriate to try to blame what’s happening over there and try to infer it will happen here.”

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