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91yo Joyce was having some kitchen troubles… so Ray stepped in

The Ray Hadley Morning Show tackles the big issues, and this one has a particularly sweet ending.

Listener Joyce loves her Three Threes beetroot but no matter how hard she tried, the 91-year-old couldn’t get the lid off the jar.

“I tried it under the hot water tap, still no good,” she tells Ray Hadley.

Ray couldn’t bear the thought of Joyce going without so he jumped into action.

“Joyce, I don’t want you struggling with a jar anymore!”

The Ray Hadley Morning Show’s Executive Producer John put up his hand to help the self-professed beetroot fanatic.

Armed with a brand new jar opener, John drove all the way out to Joyce’s home at Hornsby that afternoon to see if they could finally get that pesky lid off.

Click PLAY below to hear from Joyce

Click PLAY below to see Joyce use her new contraption

Joyce called in to thank Ray for helping her conquer the jar.

She even got the chance to speak to Channel 9’s Peter Overton, someone Joyce admits she’s quite fond of.

Click PLAY below to hear Joyce’s chat with Peter Overton and Ray