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7.2 magnitude earthquake brings Darwin to a standstill


Parts of Darwin’s business district have been evacuated after tremors were felt from a seven-point-two magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia.

The earthquake hit the Banda Sea but was felt in the Northern Territory, with hotels and shops in the CBD evacuated.

The Bureau of Meteorology has confirmed there is no tsunami threat to Australia.

Listener Scott was on a holiday in Darwin when his car started to shake from the quake.

“A bit bizarre, the car sort of started shaking left and right, and forwards and back, and the people in the houses on the opposite intersections all came running out.

“It probably lasted for well over a minute.”

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NT News Chief of Staff Hayley Sorensen tells Luke Grant they are not aware of any damage.

“We’re hearing parts of the hospital have been evacuated and it was certainly a shock.”

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