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22yo racing to make history in 1000km desert run

Jacqui Bell is only 22 years old, but the ultramarathon runner isn’t letting age hold her back.

The Queensland-born athlete is aiming to be the youngest female in the world to run the Four Deserts Grand Slam.

The mission isn’t for the faint-hearted, with each desert race being a whopping 250km.

Jacqui has run across three deserts so far, in Africa, South America and Asia.

If that doesn’t sound tough enough, she finished each race in seven days with all her supplies on her back.

“We carry all of our food, all our clothes for the week and everything on our back so we try and keep our bags as light as possible because we have to run with it,” Jacqui tells Ray Hadley.

Next month, Jacqui heads off on the final leg of her challenge. This time, she’s taking on the coldest continent on earth – Antarctica.

“There’s easier ways to get fit you know. You’re incredible. You’re absolutely incredible,” says Ray.

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Jacqui isn’t just for her health. She’s also raising money for mental health charity, The White Cloud Foundation.

You can donate to support Jacqui’s mission HERE