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2017 RLL Tipping T/C

NRL Footy Tipping Promotion – Terms & Conditions


NSW Permit No: LTPS-17-11892


Permit Number:
TP 17/00318


In order to be eligible to win a
Prize, you (entrant) must acknowledge and accept the following terms and
conditions, as well as the radio station’s general conditions of entry as
amended from time to time.




For the purpose of this promotion
the following definitions apply:


Away Team – means, for each Match,
the team listed under the column titled “Away” in Schedule 1 to these terms
and conditions


Lockout Time – 10mins before the
scheduled starting time of each match as stipulated by the NRL.


Match – means a game between two teams as
designated in the Official NRL 2017 Season Fixture, and any finals games.


Winners Selection Location
– Pillar Digital Pty Ltd at Level 1,
71-73 Alexander St, Crow’s Nest, NSW 2065.


Promotion – means NRL Footy Tipping
Promotion and is a sports tipping promotion conducted during the course of
the 2017 National Rugby League season and also includes the Finals and State
of Origin series.


Promotion Period – see Item 4: Promotion


Round – means a singular round comprising
of Match(es) in the 2017 National Rugby League season including any round in
the finals including the Grand Final and the State of Origin series.


As at the commencement of this
Promotion, there are 26 rounds in the Official NRL 2017 Season Fixture, and 4
finals rounds inclusive of the NRL grand final, making a total of 30 Rounds.


Website – see Item 3: Website.


Additional capitalised terms are
defined as set out in Items below.


2017 NRL Footy Tipping Promotion



Macquarie Media Operations, of 33-35
Saunders Street Pyrmont NSW 2009, ABN: 64 006 806 088, telephone (02) 8570





Entrants may register for the Promotion
from 5pm Sydney time on 18.02.17 until 23:59 Sydney time on Saturday 30.09.17.


The Promotion Period ends at the
conclusion of the NRL grand final of the 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership.


Participation is open to Australian
residents and non-Australian residents except where excluded by law or under
these rules.


Notwithstanding the ability to
participate, in order to be an eligible entrant to win a Prize, the following
criteria apply:

  • An entrant must be a resident of
    New South Wales, Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory.
  • An entrant must not be an employee
    or immediate family member of:

       Macquarie Media Operations
Pty Ltd; or

       agencies associated with
this promotion.


Only one registration per entrant
will be accepted.



To enter, the entrant must first
register by completing the online registration process on the Website during
the promotion period. Entrants will be required to:


a nickname/alias to identify their entry; and


the name of their favourite NRL team.


If an entrant already has an
account, they may register for the 2017 NRL Footy Tipping Promotion by
logging into their pre-existing account and accepting these terms and
conditions in order to enter this Promotion.


Upon registering for the Promotion,
entrants will automatically be entered into the “public league”, which will
contain all entrants’ tallied scores and the overall rankings. In addition,
entrants can create a “private league” and invite other entrants to join the
“private league”. “Private leagues” will contain the names and scores of all
entrants that are part of that “private league”, but in no way will affect
the “public league” rankings. An entrant’s chances of winning a Prize will
not be affected by whether or not they join a “private league”.


Rankings of the “public league” displayed
on the Website include the rankings of all entrants and not only the rankings
of entrants that are eligible to win a prize.


After registration, entrants may submit
tips in all remaining Matches which have not been completed or Locked Out
during the Promotion Period.


There is no fee to participate in
this Promotion.



Major Tipping Prize:


The Major Tipping Prize will be
determined at the Prize Winners Selection Location at 12pm Sydney time on 04.10.17.


There can only be one winner of the
Major Tipping Prize.


The winner of the Major Tipping
Prize will be the eligible entrant with the unique best score, to be
determined by assessing the scoring criteria in the following order until a
unique winner is ascertained:


1.    The winner of the Major
Tipping Prize will be the eligible entrant with the highest Cumulative Tip
Score at the end of the Promotion Period.


2.    In the event of a tie
between two or more eligible entrants with the equal highest Cumulative Tip Score,
the winner will be the entrant with lowest Cumulative Margin Score.


3.    If this fails to break
the tie, the winner will be the entrant with lowest Margin Score in that
Round (with respect to the Major Tipping Prize, the final Round will be the
relevant Round to decide a tie in this instance).


4.    If, after assessing the
three scores above, there is not one unique winner, the entrant who registered
for this Promotion first in time (of the eligible entrants that have been
assessed against the three scoring criteria) will be ranked higher and deemed
the winner of the Major Tipping Prize.


Using the scoring system described
above, entrants will be ranked in order based on the highest score. The
Top 10 List
of entrants will be maintained and published on the website
throughout the competition. The top three eligible entrants at the end of the
Promotional Period will be entitled to the Prize described in Item 9, based
on their ranking on The Top 10 List.



Submitting tips for each Round


For each match, entrants can pick

– the team to win the Match; and

– the margin by which the team they
pick will win that Match.


Tips for a particular Match must be
submitted before the Lockout Time that applies to the Match, by visiting and submitting their tip entry including their Margin
Score, in accordance with the instructions.


For clarity, an entrant may choose
and edit their entered tips for a match at any time before the Lockout Time
for that specific match in a given Round as notified on the Website.



Tip Score

The object is to achieve the highest
number of points. Points will be awarded to each entrant in each Round after
they have registered in accordance with the following:






Non-submission of tips for any given
match results in the Away Team selected by default.


In the case where the entrant has
registered after a Round or several Rounds have been Locked Out, the entrant
will receive a Tip Score based on selecting the Away Team in every completed
Round and the average Margin Score for all entrants for each completed Round.


Cumulative Tip Score


The Cumulative Tip Score is the sum
of all Tip Scores for an entrant for all completed Rounds.


Margin Score


The Margin Score is used as a
tie-breaker should more than one entry be ranked equally based on points.  The
Margin Score is the sum of an entrant’s Match Margin Scores for each match in
a particular Round.  The entrant’s Match Margin Score is calculated as the
difference between the margin selected by the entrant and the actual margin
for each match.  For example, if a team is tipped to WIN by 10 points
and the actual result is a WIN by 5 points, the Match Margin Score awarded
for that match will be 5 points.


Entrants with a Tip Score of zero for
a particular match will receive in the average Match Margin Score for all
entrants for that match being awarded.


Non-submission of margin prediction for
a particular match will result in the average Match Margin Score for all
entrants for that match being awarded.


Cumulative Margin Score is the total of all
Margin Scores awarded for all completed Rounds to date.






There will be three Prizes, one each
for First, Second and Third place from the Top Ten List.



Major Tipping Prize for First Place:


The Major Tipping Prize is:

KIA Sportage QL 17MY 2WD MPI Si
Petrol Automatic 2.0 Litre


Value: $32,000 inc gst

The prize value includes dealer
delivery fees, stamp duty, registration and compulsory third party insurance.


Prize for Second Place:


KIA Rio 16MY 5 Door Hatch S AT 1.4


Value: $17,990 inc gst

The prize value includes dealer
delivery fees, stamp duty, registration and compulsory third party insurance.


KIA Prize Provider: Suttons Motor
Group Pty Ltd trading as Suttons City KIA (ABN 54 000 057 410)


Prize for Third Place:


The Prize for Third Place is a
$5,000 travel voucher courtesy of Trip A Deal Pty Ltd (ABN 50 149 240 433) (Travel
Prize Provider



Restrictions that apply to the Prizes


All optional extras, variations and
accessories, comprehensive insurance, fuel and all other ancillary or related
costs are excluded and are the responsibility of the winner. The colour of
the vehicles will be at the discretion of the KIA Prize Provider.


The Winner’s details may be provided
to a third party for the purposes of Prize fulfilment.  


The Winner must provide all
information and sign all documentation as requested by the Promoter to
finalise the award of any Prize.


Prizes are not transferable and
cannot be exchanged for or any other Prize. There is no cashback available on
the Prize. If a Prize is unavailable for any reason, the Promoter will, in
its absolute discretion, substitute alternative goods or services of no
lesser retail value, subject to the approval of the authorities that have
issued permits for the conduct of the Promotion.


Restrictions for Third Place Prize: All
other expenses, such as travel insurance, and other incidentals are not
included. The value of the voucher must be used by the voucher’s expiry date
as set by the Travel Prize Provider. Any value not used by the expiry date
will be forfeited.





The Major Tipping Prize winner will
be notified by email and phone within two days of winning the Prize.


Major Tipping Prize winners’ details
will be published on the Website and in the Australian
newspaper on 11.10.17.


The Top 10 List of entrants as at
the end of the competition will also be published on the Website.


to written directions from a regulatory authority, the awarding of any
unclaimed prizes will take place at 12pm Sydney time on 11.01.18 at the
Promoter’s office as follows:


Major Tipping Prize will be awarded to the next highest ranking eligible
entrant from the Top Ten List that is generated by applying the Judging
Details in Item 7.



The Promoter’s decisions in relation
to all aspects of this Promotion are final and no correspondence will be
entered into, including decisions in relation to the number of points
achieved or rankings.


By entering into the Promotion, participants
consent to their Personal Information (as that term is defined in the Privacy
Act 1988) being used for direct marketing, distribution to related entities
and uses approved in our Privacy Policy. For further information, including
how to opt-out, refer to our Privacy Policy available at


Terms and Conditions





1.1 By submitting an entry into this
Promotion, entrants warrant that they have read, understand and agree to be
bound by these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy available at  


1.2 These terms and conditions can be
downloaded from the website listed in Item 3: Website.





2.1 Eligible entrants must register to
participate in this Promotion during the period set out in Item 4: Promotion





3.1 Entrants must at all times comply
with Item 5: Entrant Restrictions. Those entrants who have not complied with
Item 5: Entrant Restrictions may, in the absolute discretion of the Promoter,
be disqualified.





4.1 Entrants may enter the Promotion
in accordance with Item 6: Method of Entry. Entrants who have not complied with
Item 6: Method of Entry will be disqualified.


4.2 Inaudible, incomplete or
incomprehensible entries (whichever is applicable) will not be eligible and
will be disqualified. The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify any entry
which in the opinion of the Promoter includes any content which may be
unlawful, profane, inflammatory, defamatory and/or damaging to the goodwill or
reputation of the Promoter.


4.3 Unless otherwise stated in these
terms and conditions, no person may register for this Promotion more than once
and persons may not enter or participate in it on behalf of any third party.


4.4 Any person who is discovered to
have used or attempted to use more than one name or account in entering the
Promotion will be disqualified from participating in the Promotion and/or
redeeming a Prize.


4.5 All entrants acknowledge that the
Promoter may rely on clauses 4.3 and 4.4 even after the Promoter has awarded or
appeared to have awarded the prize to a person or after a person is announced
as the prize winner. The Promoter reserves its rights to require return of the
prize or payment of its value to the Promoter if this occurs.


4.6 Should an entrant’s contact details
change during the Promotion Period, it is the entrant’s responsibility to
notify the Promoter. A request to access or modify any information provided in
an entry should be directed to the Promoter. An entrant can also update their
contact details by accessing and updating their account at


4.7 Should an entrant be required to
submit a third party’s personal information as a part of entry into or
participation in this Promotion, each entrant must ensure that any other person
whose details have been provided by the entrant to the Promoter for the
purposes of the entrant’s participation in this Promotion has given their
implied or express consent for the details to be provided to the Promoter and
any of its related bodies corporate and to be contacted by the Promoter or any
of its related bodies corporate in relation to this Promotion.


4.8 During registration, entrants may
refer the Promotion to their friends via email using the Refer-a-Friend
facility on the Website. If an entrant refers a friend, they warrant that they
have obtained their friend’s consent to do so prior to sending the email. The
entrant indemnifies the Promoter against any claims by any third party for the
entrant’s failure to obtain consent.


4.9 The Promoter reserves the right at
any time to verify the validity of entries and entrants and to disqualify any
entrant who submits an entry that is not in accordance with these Terms and
Conditions or who in the opinion of the Promoter tampers with the entry
process. Failure by the Promoter to enforce any of its rights at any stage does
not constitute a waiver of those rights.


4.10 The Promoter is not responsible
for and has no control over the scheduled start times of any Match. The
Promoter will take reasonable efforts to align the Lockout Time with the
scheduled NRL Match times, but accepts no responsibility for any misalignment, changes
or variations affecting the Lockout Time.


4.11 The Promoter is not responsible
for any problems or technical malfunction of any network or lines, computer
online systems, communication network, computer equipment, software, technical
problems or traffic congestion online, including any error, omission,
alteration, tampering, deletion, theft, destruction, transmission interruption,
communications failure or otherwise preventing entrants from successfully
participating in the Promotion. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for any
entries or tips not received during the Promotion Period or within the required
timeframes on the Website.


4.12 If for any reason this Promotion
is not capable of running as set out in these terms, including due to computer
virus, bugs, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the
Promoter, the Promoter reserves the right in its sole discretion to take any
action that may be available, subject to government regulations.




5.1 The judging of each prize will
take place in accordance with Item 7: Judging Details and Item 8: Competition



6. PRIZE(s)


6.1 All prizes will be awarded in
accordance with Item 9: Prize Details.


6.2 All prize values are the
recommended retail value as provided by the supplier, are in Australian dollars
and are correct at the time of printing. The Promoter takes no responsibility
for variations in the prize value.




7.1 The Promoter does not warrant the
merchantability, suitability and/or fitness for purpose of any goods and/or
services awarded as a prize, and excludes all warranties in relation to supply
of a prize, except those that cannot be excluded by law.


7.2 All prizes are subject to
availability and non-exchangeable, must be used on any dates specified in these
terms and conditions, by the Promoter and/or the prize provider and are not
redeemable for cash.


7.3 If a prize winner does not take
any element of a prize at the time stipulated by the Promoter then that element
of the prize will be forfeited by the winner and cash will not be awarded in
lieu of that prize or any part of it.




8.1 All prize winners will be notified
in accordance with Item 10: Prize Winner Notification and Publication Details.


8.2 Details of Prize winners will be
published in accordance with Item 10: Prize Winner Notification and Publication





9.1 Prizes will be delivered or
collected in accordance with Item 9: Prize Details. The Promoter reserves the
right to request winners to provide proof of identity and/or proof of
residency. Proof of identity and/or residency considered suitable for
verification is at the Promoter’s discretion. In the event that a winner cannot
provide suitable proof, the winner will forfeit the prize in whole and no
substitute will be offered.






10.1 The Promoter will not be
responsible or liable if for any reason beyond their reasonable control any
element of any prize is not provided. The Promoter may, subject to State
regulations, substitute a different prize of equivalent value in place of any
prize referred to in these terms and conditions.


10.2 The Promoter will not be
responsible for any changes in times or dates, or cancellations or rescheduling
of events that may prevent the prize winner from redeeming the prize or any
part of it.




Any tax payable as a result of a prize
being awarded or received will be the responsibility of the winner. Winners
should seek independent financial advice prior to accepting a prize if this is
a concern.





12.1 Prizes unclaimed after a period
of three (3) months will be forfeited subject to State regulations. See Item
11: Unclaimed Prize Draw Date and Publication Date.





13.1 It is a condition of entry that
the Promoter has the right to publicise, broadcast and communicate to the
public the names, characters, likenesses or voices of any entrants for any
promotion or matter incidental to the Promotion.


13.2 Entrants consent to their entry
being read out on air and/or to their telephone and other conversations with
the Promoter being broadcast on air and communicate to the public on the


13.3 Entrants may be required by the
Promoter to participate in photo, recording, live to air radio broadcast or
internet simulcast, video and/or film session(s) (the “publicity
materials”) and acknowledge that the Promoter has the right to use such
publicity materials in any medium (including, without limitation, the internet)
and in any reasonable manner it sees fit, unless that person advises the
Promoter at the time of entering the Promotion that he/she wishes to retain
his/her anonymity.


13.4 Entrants also acknowledge that
the publicity materials may be provided to the prize providers for the purposes
of promotional display or fulfilling the award and delivery of Prizes.




By entering this Promotion all


(a) assign to the Promoter all rights
including present and future copyright in their entry and the publicity
materials in all media (including, without limitation, the internet) and
whether in existence now or created in the future;


(b) agree not to assert any moral
rights in respect of their entry and the publicity materials (wherever and
whenever such rights are recognised) against the Promoter, its assigns,
licensees and successors in title; and


(c) undertake to the Promoter that
their entry is not in breach of any third party intellectual property rights or
privacy rights.





15.1 To the extent permitted by law,
all entrants release from, and indemnify the Promoter against all liability,
cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize(s) or
participation in the Promotion including (but not limited to) loss of income,
loss of opportunity, personal injury and damage to property, whether direct or
consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.





16.1 If for any reason this Promotion
is not capable of running as planned as a result of any (including but not
limited to) technical failures, unauthorised intervention, computer virus,
mobile phone failure, tampering, fraud or any other causes beyond the control
of the Promoter which corrupts or affects the administration, security,
fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Promotion, the Promoter reserves
the right (subject to State regulations) to cancel, terminate, modify or
suspend the Promotion and/or any draw/s or judging related to the Promotion
and/or to disqualify any individual who (whether directly or indirectly) causes
the same.


16.2 The Promoter accepts no
responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including but not
limited to electronic messages not received by the Promoter due to technical
disruptions, network congestion or any other reason. The use of any automated
entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that permits any person
to enter the Promotion repeatedly is prohibited.





17.1 The Promoter reserves the right
to exclude any person from participating in the Promotion or a prize for any
reason (including but not limited to) that person’s medical condition or
history, the preservation of the safety of the Promoter’s staff members or any
other person or because the Promoter deems that the behavior of a person may
bring the Promoter’s brand into disrepute.





18.1 The Promoter may (subject to approval
from regulatory bodies) vary the terms of, or terminate, this Promotion at any
time at its absolute discretion without liability to any contestant or other
person. The Promoter will not award the prize if the Promotion is terminated.





19.1 All decisions and actions of the
Promoter relating to the Promotion and/or redemption of the prizes are
exercised accordingly at its absolute discretion and are final. No discussions
or correspondence with entrants or any other person will be entered into.





20.1 A failure by the Promoter to
enforce any one of these terms and conditions in any instance(s) will not give
rise to any claim or right of action by any other person or contestant.





The personal information supplied by entrants when entering this Promotion will
be used by the Promoter in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Please refer to
the Privacy Policy by visiting the Website for more information as entry in
this Promotion is an agreement to be bound by that policy. All entrants may
have their details removed from the Promoter’s database by simply contacting
the Promoter. If details are removed prior to the conclusion of the Promotion
and/or award of Prize(s), entrants will forfeit their right to claim any Prizes.