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20 years on: Mark Taylor’s untold story about THAT 334*

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Today marks 20 years since one of the greatest moments in Australian sporting history.

On October 16th, 1998 Australian cricket captain Mark Taylor made 334 not out in the second Test against Pakistan in Peshawar.

It was the event afterwards that will forever be remembered by the Australian public.

Having finished the day’s play, the man affectionately known as ‘Tubby’ had an excruciating decision to make.

He had equalled the legendary Sir Donald Bradman’s 1930 record for most runs by an Australian.

Would he return to the crease the next day and break it, or declare in a touching tribute to ‘The Don’?

Taylor admits to Alan Jones he initially had no plans of stopping.

“I had two balls to get to 335 or beyond and they were both fielded.

“I tried to sleep on it. I had various advice from people all over the world.

“I would have liked to have batted on the third day, just to put them back out in the field again.

“But that’s when the score did come into the equation.

“I thought if I did that and batted on, I think people would have assumed that I only batted to go past Bradman.

“I didn’t want to send that message.”

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Mark Taylor is auctioning off one of the five shirts he wore during that historic innings to raise money for the Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation.