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10-year-old’s incredible plight to help our farmers

When 10-year-old Jack heard about how tough life is for our farmers during the drought, he decided he had to do something about it.

Jack Berne has already raised over $1.5 million through his fundraiser Fiver for a Farmer, which supports the charities Drought Angels and Rural Aid.

This year, Jack is encouraging everyone to dress up as a farmer on August 2 and donate $5 to drought-stricken farmers.

He joined Ben Fordham in studio, telling him he’d recently visited a farm in Queensland and was amazed by the farmers he met.

“They are the happiest people you will ever meet. They never have a frown on their face.

“They always say this one thing, which is ‘I am not the worst’.

“And it’s true sometimes they aren’t the worst, but I think that doesn’t mean they can’t ask for help. They can ask for help.”

Ben even promises that his whole team will join in on the fun and dress like farmers next Friday!

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