12:30pm December 10

Luke speaks to shark expert Fred Pawle, who's written a series in The Australian on shark attacks in NSW.

12:26pm December 10

Shopping guru Kathy Sheeran tells Luke about the best bargains, and shopping do's and don't's this festive season.

12:20pm December 10

Dreamworld CEO Craig Davidson discusses the re-opening with Luke.

5:25am December 9

Luke Grant speaks to Michael Pachi about today's COAG meeting.

5:19am December 9

Luke Grant speaks with Eric Boehm from about the tragic Oakland night club fire, President-elect Donald Trump getting ready for the presidency and another earthquake in San Francisco.

5:15am December 9

Luke Grant speaks to Nick Arena, a barramundi farmer, who has just been awarded the NSW Farmer of the Year.

5:11am December 9

Luke Grant speaks to John Redman from the RFS about a bushfire near Picton, which investigators believe might've been the result of a discarded cigarette.

4:49am December 8

Luke Grant speaks to former Howard Government advisor Terry Barnes regarding the Legacy of John Key, while Malcolm Turnbull faces a more uncertain economy while momentarily entertaining another carbon tax.

1:16am December 8

Luke Grant talks to Macquarie Entertainment Reporter Janette Lakiss who was at the 2016 AACTA Awards.

5:18am December 7

Luke Grant talks with Tim Fookes from Newstalk ZB about the surprise announcement that John Key was resigning as New Zealand's Prime Minister.

4:39am December 7

Luke Grant speaks to Queensland Senator Matt Canavan about the new Adani coal mine - outlining the project and what it means for regional and northern Australian.

4:13am December 7

Luke Grant speaks to Professor David Flint about how the Constitution is being distorted allowing Federal Governments to get involved in policy that isn't their domain. Education is an example.

12:27am December 7

Luke Grant speaks to Superintendent Greg Rankin on scene in Fairfield after a huge fire broke out in shops along Ware Street. At least five shops were destroyed in the blaze.

5:03am December 6

Luke Grant speaks to John Roskam from the Institute of Public Affairs about claims from a United Nations spokesman on racism that Australia is a racist country. It comes on the same day as calls are made to change Australia Day to July 30th.

3:52am December 6

Luke Grant speaks to Russell Setright about Sunlight and its relation to eyesight; vitamin D slowing the ageing process and tips for healthy living.

3:43am December 6

Luke Grant speaks to News Limited writer Tim Blair. Subjects covered include - making Kevin Rudd famous, immigration intakes, and a judge who tells a witness to remove the burqa.

4:25am November 29

Luke Grant fills in for Michael Mclaren

4:25am November 29

Luke Grant speaks to Ben Carblis from Mission Australia about the Homelessness. 105,000 people sleep on the street every single night.

4:13am November 29

Luke Grant talks to Russell Setright about obesity and its relation to bone structure in teenagers, some interesting findings in alzheimers treatments and new understandings about the metabolisation rates of fatty acids.

3:03am November 29

Luke Grant speaks with News Limited's Tim Blair, who questions when calling someone a gorilla is racist - after Peter Fitzsimons used the term to describe a security guard with the South African cricket team in Adelaide.


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