2:30pm June 24

Luke speaks with The Australian's foreign editor Greg Sheridan about what the exit means.

2:00pm June 24

Luke Grant speaks with Paul Denny from Paul Denny Conveyancing, about the new withholding tax regime.

1:44pm June 24

Luke speaks with leading child learning researcher Dr Kristy Goodwin, about how digital devices are impacting on children’s ability to make memories.


1:37pm June 24

Luke speaks with Simon Benson from The Daily Telegraph.



2:58pm June 20

Luke speaks with Anthony Bell, CEO of Bell Partners, about what we should be doing before the end of the financial year.

2:53pm June 20

Luke speaks with Dick, who’s just returned from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

2:43pm June 20

Luke gets a rundown of the launch with The Australian’s David Crowe.

3:00pm June 13

Listen to the full Chris Smith Show presented by Luke Grant, Monday June 13.

1:57pm June 13

Luke speaks with Andrew Ford, the CEO of the Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria, who’s urging volunteers to stay with the CFA despite the political disputes.

4:40pm May 25

Luke Grant speaks to Wilhelm Harnisch from Master Builders

4:22pm May 25

Luke Grant speaks to the dog’s owner

3:37pm May 25

Luke Grants speaks to Daily Telegraph’s David Riccio

2:58pm April 22

Listen to the full Chris Smith Show as Luke Grant fills in, April 22nd.

2:40pm April 22

Grace joins Luke Grant filling in for Chris Smith, for her Weekly Chat  

2:17pm April 14

Dr Ralph Bright joins Luke in the studio 

1:26pm March 4

Luke Grant talks to Tim Böhm, President of the Bullet Train for Australia Party

12:55pm March 3

Luke Grant talks with Labor MP Alannah MacTiernan

1:22pm March 2

Luke Grants finds out from Greg Whitby, Catholic Diocese of Parramatta’s executive director of schools 

1:11pm March 2

Luke Grants speaks with Health Minister Sussan Ley 

1:50pm March 1

Luke Grant talks to resident David Tomlinson 


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