Listen to the full show of Sydney Live with Luke Grant here.

Luke speaks to Troy Bramston, journalist at The Australian, about the life and legacy of former NSW Premier Neville Wran. Neville passed away in Sydney last night after a long battle with illness.

Luke Grant talks to Ron Batagol. Ron is a well-known pharmacist who believes that alcohol consumption guidelines for pregnant women are unnecessarily alarming.

Luke Grant speaks to Reverend Bill Crews about whether begging should be banned. At the moment NSW, ACT and WA are the only states where begging is legal.  

Listen to the full show of Sydney Live with Luke Grant here.

Luke Grant is joined on the phone by Jason Morrison for his regular Tuesday segment. 

Luke Grant speaks to the Prime Minister’s Parliamentary Secretary, Josh Frydenberg. Josh is travelling with Tony Abbott on his trade tour to Japan, South Korea and China.

Luke Grant speaks to Richard Callander, a friend of the Berry Family. Richard attended the memorial service at Rosehill for Nathan Berry.

Luke Grant speaks to Wendy Machin – the President of the NRMA.

Dewayne Everettsmith joins Luke Grant in the studio to perform his new song, It’s Like Love

Luke Grant speaks with Mike Carmody from Gas Energy Australia about the potential of an LPG car manufacturing industry in Australia.

Luke Grant speaks with Industrial Relations analyst GRACE COLLIER from AUSTRALIAN DISMISSAL SERVICES

Luke Grant speaks with media writer at the Australian, Michael Bodey about the Australian public’s attitude to Schapelle Corby.

Luke Grant wraps on his week’s special reporting on the crippling drought in Queensland.

Bridget Ahern reviews Last Vegas

Luke Grant catches up with Love Boat Captain Stubing aka Gavin Macleod.

Luke Grant speaks with Sandy Hollway about retired General Peter Cosgrove’s appointment to the position of Governor General.

Luke Grant speaks with Senator Eric Abetz about the need for an inquiry into Union Corruption.

LIsten to Luke Grant's full show from Friday 17 January. 

Luke Grant speaks to NSW/ACT Alcohol Policy Alliance spokesperson Michael Thorn about how Premier Barry O’Farrell has failed to meet with the peak health body to talk about alcohol fuelled violence.  


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