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Luke talks with Professor Cameron Simmons about the recent outbreak of Zeka within Queensland.

Listen to Luke Grant's full show from Saturday the 6th of February 2016.

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Troy Cassar-Daley talks with Luke Grant after winning five Golden Guitar Awards at last nights Country Music Awards in Tamworth.


2GB's Food and wine expert Ben Malouf chats with Luke Grant about the new and innovative ways in which wine can be purchased.

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Luke Grant takes you through Nights filling in for Steve Price on 2GB

Luke Grant  is joined by The Daily Telegraph's Andrew Clennell to discuss the latest in news and politics.

Luke talks with the CEO of the Swimming and Spa Alliance in regards to new safe fencing laws.

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Luke Grant talks to Brooke McClymont about the Tamworth Country Music Festival

Luke Grant speaks to Greg Sheridan about the bombing in Jakarta

Luke Grant speaks to Tamworth mother Tracey Filiciety about how poison ice has destroyed her family

Luke Grant speaks to neurosurgeon at St Vincent's hospital Dr. Richard Parkinson about how the poisonous drug Ice affects the brain

Luke Grant speaks to the CEO of Lottoland about how Australians can now buy tickets in the US Powerball

Luke Grant speaks to Professor at the University of Newcastle Kypros Kypri who is critical of a British report that says alcohol is not a cause of violence

Luke talks about the scandals currently surrounding Federal MP Jamie Briggs with the National Political Editor of the Sunday Telegraph.

More people over the age of fifty are signing up to be part of work for the dole programs than their much younger counterparts. Luke talks with the National Seniors Australia CEO about this new trend.

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