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The Chris Smith Afternoon Show
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Chris Smith has built an impressive career both in Australia and abroad covering news and current affairs in radio and TV. Chris' radio career began in regional NSW, with many years spent at Network Seven and Nine, where he travelled the world in his role as reporter and Chief of Staff, including six years at A Current Affair. In May of 2005, Chris won the Variety Children's Charity Radio Heart Award for his excellence in radio. While still news focussed, Chris presents a lighter format covering lifestyle and entertainment.

A tribute to all servicemen who’ve fought for Australia.

In the year lead up to the 100th anniversary of ANZAC, we commemorate all Australian servicemen, past and present, who have served in all theatres of war. If you’ve a family member who fought for Australia, we want you to share part of their story.
2GB's Album of Honour

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Richard Palmer from 2GB's Digital Department talks to Chris Smith about the Album of Honour, which you can find here 

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Name: William Joseph Punch

Rank/Serial Number: 5435

Served in: WW I

Why is this person a hero: 

One of the first Aboriginals to enlist & serve in WW1William was an Aboriginal boy who was the sole survivor of a brutal attack when his entire family was massacred in 1880. Rescued as a baby from the breast of his dead mother by my great great grandfather John Siggs and raised by the Siggs family from 'Pejar Park' at Woodhouselee in country NSW. He later fought for...

Name: Philip Bannister

Rank/Serial Number: Gunner/VX15782

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

Because he survived

Enlisted Melb. 20.5.1940. Shipped to the Middle East and then to Crete. On Bofors gun at Heraklion A'port. Evacuated on HMS Hereward, subsequently bombed and 7 hours in Mediterranean. Picked up by Italian PT boat and 2 yrs POW Northern Italy. Night before capitulation camp taken by German SS to Germany for a further two years. Escaped...

Richard Palmer from 2GB's Digital Department updates Luke Grant about the Album of Honour, which you can find here 

Name: Samuel Sleeman

Rank/Serial Number: Private nx87707

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

The proud way dad served his country.

At the frail age of 92 my dad is today in hospital.even at 92 is he fighting his own battle to stay with us.He is such a proud man and had Marched in the Sydney Anzac Day march up to 2010. He doesn't talk much about his experiences, one thing he did tell me is that he was buried alive in a sand dune and thanks to his...

Name: Jack Irwin

Rank/Serial Number: NX 127396 Private

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

Not only did he selflessly serve his country, he was always a hero to his wife, children and grandchildren.Dad served in the 2/27 Infantry Battalion, AIF in Borneo.

Like many others, he did not like to talk too much about his time in the war, but unlike many others, he was lucky enough to return. Rest in peace, Dad. We are proud of you.

Name: Edmund Watt

Rank/Serial Number: Lieutenant 1745

Served in: WW I Gallipolli Veteran 

Why is this person a hero: 

He gave his life for his country

Edmund enlisted 12/01/1915, He was 19 years old, he needed his parents written permission, which they duly gave.He served at Gallipoli and the Western Front.Tragically he was killed in action in Ypres,Belgium 20/09/1917 after attaining the rank of Lieutenant and being awarded the French Croix de Guerre 13/...

Name: Norman Stanley Goody

Rank/Serial Number: 2/32

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

Norman was an Owen Gunner in Borneo, he was 18 when he joined and saw 2 of his points (first in line on a reconnoitre to the Owen Gunner) killed by snipers.9th Div. 2/32 battallion

Name: Edward Daniel Horgan

Rank/Serial Number: Gunner/VX26903

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

He was continually spoken about by my parents and grand parents - his war time sacrifice will never be forgotten

My uncle Eddie died at Hellfire Pass Thailand whilst a prisoner of war. He died due to the brutality of a Japanese Guard and is buried at Kanchanaburi War Cemetery. 




Name: John Murray

Rank/Serial Number: Private 1597

Served in: WW I Gallipoli Veteran

Why is this person a hero: 

He survived

He had his 17th birthday on the day he landed at Gallipoli, which is Anzac Day as we now know it. He falsified his age in order to defend his nation. 

Name: Raymond George Hammond

Rank/Serial Number: Private N180573

Served in: Boer War, WWII 

Why is this person a hero: 

Because he like other men gave their life for their country 

Having lost both his parents at age 8 (mother) and father at 10 he was brought up by and older married brother he did the right thing by going to war to defend his country and to be proud to be an Australian. He worked up until his death working with Westpac Armed Security...

Name: James Ivor Ellis

Rank/Serial Number: Craftsman NX113633

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

Simply a loving and caring husband,father and proud grandfather! He was in love with the world!Jim was a craftsman in the Australian and Electrical Mechanical Engineers. The corp motto was "ARTE et MARTE" "with skill and fighting". AEME’s were tasked with monitoring, repairing and availability of equipment to ensure operational capability where needed.

He was always...

Name:  John Reginald Eva

Rank/Serial Number: PTE - 212

Served in: WW I

Why is this person a hero: 

He survived, returned and built a great family

He died before I met him but remember his wife. From his service record we know that he fought on Gallipoli with the 8th Battalion. Was wounded and returned to fight again. After the evacuation he went to France where he was awarded the Military Medal, during which he again was wounded. He was well respected and...

Name: Malcolm Kinloch Kirke

Rank/Serial Number: Driver 30997 31st Battallion

Served in: WW I

Why is this person a hero: 

He and his elder brother Gilbert fought in WW 1; Gilbert survived Gallipoli and was killed in France.My father survived the war, married Margery Hilda Shann in 1923, worked a leased sugar cane farm in Ayr district, raised three children, two elder sisters and me. Being too old for service in WW 2, he joined the Volunteer Defence Corps.

Name: Samuel Wilfred Thompson

Rank/Serial Number: 395 Corporal - NX52561 Staff Sergeant

Served in: WW I Gallipoli Veteran, WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

Because he was prepared to give his life for what he believed in. 

Samuel Wilfred Thompson M.M. served in W.W.1; was involved in the landing at Gallipoli & later served in France, was awarded the Military Medal for gallantry in action, and was mentioned in dispatches. Re-enlisted for W.W.2 as 2/...

Name: Sidney Ellis Augustus Aubrey

Rank/Serial Number: 3

Served in: WW I

Why is this person a hero: 

Sid Aubrey was a professional soldier prior to the outbreak of war and sailed for Gallipoli on 18 October 1914. He sustained a shotgun wound to the chest on 11 July 1915. After being successfully operated on for the removal of the bullet and a few weeks rest, he returned to duty. He was wounded on 28 September 1915 when a snipper bullet struck him in the neck and penetrated...

Name: Harold James Long

Rank/Serial Number: Private 2401494

Served in: WW II, Korea

Why is this person a hero: 

 He served in both WW11 & the Korean war willing to lay his life on the line for his country.

Harold James Long "Jim" to all that know him went to war as an 19 year old he was in 55/53 Infantry Battalion he fought for his country until 1946. Then re-enlisted for the Korean war for 2 years. He now resides in a nursing home in Burwood he will...

Name: Cecil Brindley Calver

Rank/Serial Number: Gunner 7564

Served in: WW I

Why is this person a hero: 

Because he went to war and gave his life for his country

Cecil Calver was a commercial artist. He went out to help and injured mate and they were both hit by a direct artillery shot. This was during the Battle of Passchendaele. Amongst the things sent home to his mother were his paint brushes. He has no known grave but is remembered on the Menin Gate in...

Name: Geoffery Mullins

Rank/Serial Number: Private/ NX202942

Served in: WW II

Why is this person a hero: 

Was wonderful to me as a child

He was 10 years older than me but acted like a big brother, taking me for rides on his push bike etc. He lost his life in Borneo just a few weeks before the end of the war

Richard Palmer from 2GB's Digital Department talks to Chris Smith about the Album of Honour, which you can find here 

Richard Palmer from 2GB's Digital Department updates Luke Grant about the Album of Honour, which you can find here 

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