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Holden to introduce an industry first guarantee

I was interested to see that Holden will introduce an industry-first 60-day guarantee on it full range of vehicles, offering the buyer a refund, replacement orrepair of the vehicle if the defect renders the car un-driveable in that period. This guarantee is over and above conventional warranty obligations and will be backed up with commitments to out-of- warranty supports. The move by Holden comes after an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission into complaints levelled at the company , believed to have arisen from problems with 2008/9 diesel powered Holden Captiva SUV’s. The ACCC undertakinbg by Holden follows the company’s admission that its conduct over complaints about a manufacturing fault was likely to have contravened Australian Consumer Law. ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said that Holden had acknowledged that it had misrepresented to some consumers that it had discretion to whether a vehicle owner would be
offered a refund, repair or replacement for a car with a manufacturing fault and that any remedy was a goodwill gesture.
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