Monday October 29, 2012

Many listeners have heard my interview with the Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate.

We were talking about the hoax that is the carbon dioxide tax and he was calling on councils to boycott it.

Basically he said he's going to do everything he can to make sure his Council won't pay the tax.

And he said that Gold Coast ratepayers were struggling with higher costs of living, fewer jobs and an economy that is lagging.

Now many councils are in the same predicament and Mayor Tate said he would not be a collection agent for the world's largest carbon tax.

Well following that, a listener wrote asking me to draft a letter that you could send to your Mayor urging her/him to do exactly what Mayor Tate on the Gold Coast is seeking to do.

I have drafted that letter for you.

It appears below.

Use it as you see fit and encourage others to do likewise.

"My dear Mayor,

I am writing to urge you to join an Australia-wide campaign to boycott payment of the carbon dioxide tax.

The Gold Coast Mayor, Tom Tate has indicated that he will be doing everything he can to ensure his council does not pay the tax.

His voters, like us, are struggling with higher costs of living.

I believe my council should not be collecting this tax, on behalf of the Federal Government, via ratepayers.

I am angry that the council can be used in this way.

Please tell Julia Gillard you won't stand for it.

As a ratepayer, I am asking you to support such a boycott.

In a democracy, this is the perfect way for elected representatives to respond.

I know you want to sincerely represent those who voted you into office.

Well, here is the first test.

Those same people are saying no to a carbon dioxide tax and no, my council will not be collecting it on behalf of the Federal Government.

Please let me know what your intentions are.

Yours sincerely,