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‘You’ve got all these atrocities against free speech’

Is free speech across Australian universities at risk?

“You’ve got all these atrocities against free speech,” says Mark Latham.

“I think we’ve gone past the point where we can trust Australian universities to be self-governing with regards to free speech,” he tells Alan Jones.

It comes after a series of high profile and conservative speakers were left to foot the bill for police security when giving speeches at universities across the country.

The events also prompted protests from left-wing activists.

Mark says it’s left us with two options.

“The federal government should say you won’t receive public money unless you have absolute free speech and a system of academic inquiry on your campuses. No if’s or but’s. It must be free.

“And you’ll pay for the police protection which you generated.”

“And if you want to spit and bully and intimidate… you won’t. You’ll be disqualified from getting a degree,” says Alan.

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