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‘You’ve done diddly squat!’: Alan Jones grills Premier following state budget

Alan Jones has taken the Premier to task following the release of the state budget on Tuesday.

Gladys Berejiklian says there’s something for everyone in yesterday’s announcement despite a lower than expected surplus of $802 million and plans for a dramatic fall in earnings.

The Premier tells Alan Jones farmers are being looked after in particular with hundreds of millions of dollars added to the drought relief plan.

“If there’s someone in the bush who’s suffering from the drought they’ll know that not only are we helping farmers directly but we’re also providing extra infrastructure in towns to increase the job prospects of local communities.”

But Alan says that’s just not true.

Alan: “If I were to ring farmers in the Hunter Valley would they be able to tell me that they’ve sighted any of that $1.8 billion?”

Premier Berejiklian: “They would have because we announced…”

Alan: “No they wouldn’t, because I rang them last night.”

Premier Berejiklian: “Right… well I can’t account for who you spoke to…”

Alan: “That’s the point. Where does this money go? Your intention is sound but what happens after it leaves Gladys Berejiklian?”

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Alan also quizzed the Premier on a lack of reform of the construction industry after several recent incidents.

Gladys Berejiklian expressed her empathy for residents of Mascot Towers who are facing financial ruin due to dodgy developers.

But Alan questioned why a 2015 report into the failings of building regulations has been largely ignored.

“He [Michael Lambert] made 150 recommendations. You’ve done diddly squat on any of them except the fire safety issue.

“That report is languishing with no action whatsoever. What are you doing about the Lambert report?”