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You won’t believe how much this Year Four student has raised for our farmers

“This is the drought story to end all drought stories,” Alan Jones says.

10-year-old Jack Berne, had a goal of raising $20,000 for farming families doing it tough.

The Year 4 student from Sydney’s northern beaches gave himself until August 13 to reach his target but smashed the number out of the park within 48 hours.

This time last month, young Jack had raised an extraordinary $100,180.

But the passionate student has now raised well over what some million-dollar companies have donated.

Alan, “You’d better give us the good news. How much have you raised?”

Jack, “We have raised $1 million.”

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Despite Jack’s incredible achievement, he reveals not much as changed for him at school.

“I’m the same at school, it’s not much different.”

You can donate to Jack Berne’s ‘Fiver for a Farmer’ fundraiser here.