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Alan Jones forces John Singleton into massive drought donation

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John Singleton interrupted his friend Alan Jones on Sunday and he’s paying for it big time.

The pair got talking about the impressive fundraising of a young student, 10-year-old Jack Berne, who had a goal of raising $20,000 for farming families doing it tough.

The Year 4 student from Sydney’s northern beaches gave himself until August 13 to reach his target but smashed the number out of the park within 48 hours.

Jack tells Alan he’s now raised $50,180 for drought-stricken farmers, with his Fiver for a Farmer campaign attracting attention from far and wide.

John is impressed by the Freshwater local’s fundraising efforts and has committed to matching the amount already raised to make up for intruding on Alan’s weekend.

Alan, “He interrupted my Sunday and he must pay for that. You’ve now got $100,180. How good is that!”

Jack, “That’s better than good, it’s amazing.”

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Chris Smith has also spoken to Jack after the generous student emailed him asking for help.

“I heard that there are kids that are skipping school to help out on their farms. Kids that are my age,” Jack writes.

“I need your help.”

He wants Chris’ help to spread the word that he and his classmates at St John the Baptist Catholic Primary School are dressing up as farmers to raise awareness next Monday.

Speaking with Chris, Jack says “this is going to make Australia a better place”.

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You can donate to Jack’s A Fiver for a Farmer cause HERE

You can also support The Big Dry Drought Appeal. 

Donate to The Big Dry Drought Appeal HERE