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‘You will be hypnotised’: Alan conducts rare feature interview with a truly incredible woman

Alan Jones has brought listeners a very special interview.

In a rare, two-part feature he spoke with America’s first ever female airline captain, Beverley Bass, who has an incredible story to tell.

“I thought we’d share something with you which is unbelievably special,” says Alan.

“It is an astonishing story. You will be hypnotised by it.”

It all started on September 11, 2001, when the 9/11 terrorist attacks rocked the world.

As soon as authorities realised it was a terrorist attack, they shut down the airspace across all of America, leaving hundreds of planes stranded.

38 of those airliners descended upon the tiny town of Gander, on the Canadian island of New Foundland.

It’s population almost doubled in the space of a few hours, with almost 7000 passengers told they would be stranded there for days.

Beverley was one of the pilots who landed in Gander that day and shares their incredible story.

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