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‘You sneaky little devil!’: Is Erin Molan the main suspect in this hilarious mishap?

Erin Molan’s birthday is tomorrow, but how old is she really?

Ray Hadley has noticed Erin’s Wikipedia age has suspiciously made her younger.

Wikipedia lists her birthdate as 24 August 1984, which would make her 34-years-old.

But this looked fishy to Ray and so he decided to call her and get to the bottom of it.

“A member of your family has alerted me… there’s been a dreadful error on your Wikipedia page.

“It appears to have your correct birthday but the year appears to be wrong, you sneaky little devil!”

But Erin fiercely denies the accusation.

“I would not even know how to log onto Wikipedia let alone make any amendments, I promise you!

“Tell me, is it making me older or making me younger?”

“It’s making you younger,” Ray says, “which has made you the prime suspect!”

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