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‘You can’t let this bloke get away with it’: Chris Smith calls on Labor to release climate costings

Labor has failed to include the cost of their climate policy in their policy costings released today.

The figures show Labor’s cuts to tax concessions will save $154 billion over a decade.

The Coalition is yet to release their policy costings.

But Chris Smith says the Opposition has no excuse for not releasing their climate policy costings.

“This is the policy that Bill Shorten claims doesn’t need to be costed.

“So here we are waiting for some answers today and we’ve got nothing again.

“I am sick of hearing that the cost of inaction is greater than the cost of action. There is no excuse for not releasing policy costings. It doesn’t matter what policy it is.

“The polls tell us that the public of Australia is falling for this. You can’t let this bloke get away with it.”

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