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‘You can’t believe he’d be that dumb’: Why the medivac vote could kill Bill

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Labor may have won the battle but it could cost them the war, according to Ray Hadley.

The Opposition teamed up with the Greens and crossbenchers to support the medivac bill, making the Morrison Government the first to lose a vote on legislation since 1929.

Amendments mean the bill will have to return to the Senate but it appears Bill Shorten has scored a monumental win ahead of the election.

Or has he…

Ray Hadley says Labor was all but guaranteed of winning power but this could undo it all.

“Labor may well have won the vote on the medical evacuations, with the amendments to the Kerryn Phelps bill.

“But it could cost them an election,” says Ray.

“All of a sudden with victory in sight, Bill Shorten has victory in sight, why would he bail out [of Operation Sovereign Borders] and perhaps surrender his prime ministership back to the Coalition.

“You can’t believe that he’d be that dumb to take that risk. All he had to do was sit tight.

“If a boat arrives in our waters sometime between now and May there’s only one group of people that will be blamed… it will be the Australian Labor Party.”

Ray explains the remarkable similarities between this situation and the Tampa Affair that helped John Howard win the 2001 election.

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Ray spoke to former Labor senator Graham Richardson, who says Labor’s decision to support the bill was “silly.”

“They didn’t need to do it, and it’s not going to advance their cause at all.

“You achieved nothing yesterday, except you embarrassed the government, and that’s all very nice, but you don’t want to embarrass yourselves in the process and I think that’s the danger here.”

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